Talk like a pirate day boards the GMi Galleon

pirate lambAvast,  yar, and me-hearties – all terms you will here today as Cap’n Lamb boards the salty sea dog that is GMi on “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.

Always ready to parlay, the crew at GMi are ready to sail the seven seas in search of treasure, be it walking planks safely in a SCORM, promoting your latest galleon or documenting the history of your shipping line.  And fear not me hearties, it wont cost you too many dubloons…

First Mate Mark has some Canons, some Sonys and some Panasonics to shoot a broadside of vision,  while Galley Chief Carl will slash and cut it together Avidly. Run up your Colours – we be ready for adventure.

Gateway WA

IMG_4108GEO Media Interactive are documenting a new major infrastructure and roadworks construction project. This time the project is the $1 billion dollar Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project.

Gateway WA is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Main Roads WA and aims to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the State’s most important transport hubs, where road, rail and air services connect.  GMi is providing video and photography services to be used for their website, a corporate video showing the construction, banners, and posters for the project, and in TV and print media.


IMG_4121The crew here are looking forward to getting into some of the sites to shoot industrial timelapses which always come up great in videos.

GMi and DPaW (formerly DEC)

IMG_4936GMi have again been recently working with the Department of Parks and Wildlife or DPaW (formerly DEC) filming the plight of the critically endangered Woylie.  The Woylie also known as the brush-tailed bettong, is an extremely rare small marsupial which was once found over most of Australia but is now found in only a handfull of places.

The crew here at GMi have been filming the stellar work being done by the teams at DPaW to try and bring the Woylie back from the brink of extinction. Filming has so far taken place at the Perup Wildlife Sanctuary near Manjimup which acts to keep an area predator free for the Woylies to breed in and in the Dryandra Woodlands near Narrogin with further filming to take place over the coming months. IMG_4914

GMi are thrilled to be working again with DPaW on yet another project, we love being a fly on the wall documenting the conservation of some of our nations most endangered species. Stay tuned for the release of our latest video done with the department: Operation Rangelands. A story about the Lorna Glen Sanctuary and the animals that are being brought back from the verge of ruin.

GMi and the Prime Minister at the City East Opening

Prime Minister Julia Gillard With the completion of works by the City East Alliance Project, the team at GMi was there to capture the opening of the upgraded Great Eastern Highway by Prime Minister Julia Gillard. It was a proud day for everyone involved in the project seeing traffic flow freely along the upgraded highway and meeting the Prime Minister just added to it.

GMi provided high quality video and photography services across the project as well as contributing to the CEA website design. The videos were used extensively by media outlets producing stories about the project and in a corporate documentary about the upgrade, while the photos were used for the web, banners, posters and billboards, and in newspaper articles.


DSC_0013 The team here at GMi congratulate everyone involved with the project and look forward to working with them again!




Wardandi Memorial Park

502 ParkGMi is working on a documentary about the creation of  the Wardandi Memorial Park. The documentary will cover the construction of the park by the work teams, the preparation and burial of Noongar remains returned to the South West from a number of museums across Australia, interviews showing the cultural significance and steps taken over 25 years to make the park a reality.

Fulton Hogan

Bunbury Port Access Project

Fulton Hogan The team here at GMi have been working closely with Fulton Hogan to document the work on the second stage of the Bunbury Port Access Project (stage 2). GMi have been providing both video and photography services for historical and glossy presentation. With the completion of Stage 2 of the project GMi will then produce a video showcasing the construction for use both here and abroad by Fulton Hogan.

Clare Bug hunt Department of Environment and Conservation GMi

Bugging DEC’s science team!

Clare Bug hunt Department of Environment and Conservation GMi

The crew at GMi have stayed in touch with the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) scientists working on the Fire Mosaic research project near Walpole in the South West of WA.  Our youngest team member, Carl‘s daughter Clare, was invited to take part in the catching and classification of the bugs and became DEC’s youngest volunteer entomologist.

After spending a few days with the crew of science division Clare can boast finding 6, so far, unclassified species of moth, 1 new beetle and an all new wasp!

canon, 7d, GMi's, new, DSLR

GMi’s favourite new word… Bokehlicious

canon, 7d, GMi's, new, DSLRGMi have joined the legions of Bokeh fans with their purchase of a new canon 7D. When coupled with GMi’s ever increasing collection of fast glass the images we have been getting are impressive to say the least. Whilst some of us are sad to see ‘old faithful’ (40D) put out to pasture we are more excited about the 7d’s capability to capture Full HD video.


This allows us to have our lightest and most compact HD camera setup yet,  which is great for getting to those shoots where the gear allotment is severely restricted. Shoots such as trips to remote mine sites where access is light plane FIFO, or for wildlife shoots where long treks on foot and fast setup are essential.GMi Dragonfly

Prescribed burn, Fire Truck, DEC, Walpole Fire mosaic

Prescribed Burning with DEC

Prescribed burn, Fire Truck, DEC, Walpole Fire mosaicGMi will soon begin work to produce a series of videos for a social media campaign about prescribed burning by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). The videos will talk about the science behind prescribed burning and demystify the process as a whole.


We here at GMi cant wait to get back down into our states southern forests to film the DEC crews, the previous video we did with them Walpole Fire Mosaic is one of our favourite videos.  Click here to see it now: Walpole Fire Mosaic


Fire TLapse branches dip MC

GMi joins the Corp

GMi has been working closely with the Water Corporation of Western Australia recently to produce a series of videos for use by their training department. The videos are for a range of internal and external departments and are fully integrated into the Watercorps SCORM workflow. If you would like to know more about how GMi can help you with developing SCORM based, or any other training packages just drop us a line.