GMi YouTube Channel

Changes on our YouTube channel! We will be uploading over the coming weeks assorted videos from the vault of our nearly 13 years in business. These will include Promo, tourism, corporate, and educational videos click the link to check out the latest upload an employment video for Piacentini & Son.


[pb_vidembed title=”Piacentini & Son Mining and Earthmoving 2012″ caption=”Piacentini & Son 2012 Promo Video ” url=”” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

Horseing Around

Recently Mark found himself on a lighting trip back to the Little Sandy. This time to film the more intimate side of the operations. Those being: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. There may of been something about mounting cameras to horses,  scientists  and one very friendly little thorny devil in the brief, but the real drama took place between the kitchen and campfire each night.

GMi Global

GMi continues to  provide solutions for any market, anywhere! Working with our industry partners in South Africa and the UK, GMi has co-produced a series of videos for BHP Billiton, the latest being for BHP Billiton London. This isn’t the first international production we have produced and we are looking forward to making many many more. First things first though, we have some exotic locations here in WA to film at first. First one up is Broome, a video we are certainly looking forward to.


On track to GoPro Pt 2: The Camera is Rolling

In an earlier post we planned to put our new GoPro onto a train for Arc Infrastructure’s (previously Brookfield Rail) new corporate video.  With the assistance of QR National we placed the camera at the front of one of their Loco’s before it headed off to site. Then we hit record, said our goodbyes, and watched the camera roll away not to return until the train returned to the Depot… a good 6 hours later.




Well results are back and they look fantastic, the vision has exceeded our expectations of what these little cameras can do. So much so, we decided to put the camera on the tracks and have a Loco go over it. Good news is we still have the camera, even better news the shot worked brilliantly. Expect to see a lot more of this little camera out with us as we put it through it’s paces as we ‘get creative’ in a variety of locations.

GMi MidWest Wanderers

The crew from GMi were again in the Midwest recently. This time the filming was part of a larger production GMi is producing for an Australian client for use in it’s Australian and overseas operations.

The production is nearing completion and the vision is looking fantastic, (even without a trip to Madagascar) and will soon be being viewed world wide. Here’s hoping we can hand deliver it to some of the more exotic locations (looking at you Madagascar).

City East Alliance – building Perth’s infrastructure

Geo Media Interactive is continuing its relationship with Main Roads, Leighton Contractors and the City East Alliance filming the Great Eastern Highway upgrade.  This major artery into Perth is undergoing a complete re-build and GMi is there to film it happen.





The vision has already been aired in news stories on the Perth networks and will be part of the Alliance’s bid for engineering, community and environmental awards as well as a corporate video.  We are also providing the Alliance with hi-resolution stills of the entire project.  Taken with the superb Canon SLR camera and using our extensive range of lenses, these stills are used on the CEA website – – also designed by GMi, on banners and posters for the project and in newspaper articles.

Breakfast in the desert

GMi has recently returned from another trip to the Little Sandy Desert.

A lot of people ask us how rough the conditions are out there and we can now reveal that whilst on station we live in the lap of luxury!  The Homestead is a small oasis of green, 200km from the sealed roads and 100km from its nearest neighbor.  In summer we sleep under the stars and in winter we all cram into the homestead for warmth.  Temperatures in summer top 46 degrees but in winter we are scraping ice from the cars.



Food is a vital part any trip and we all re-live our college days with a mix of tinned things on toast, BBQs and camp fire cook-ups.  The trip is harder on the vehicles – so far we have speared 2 tyres and got 1 puncture – keeping in touch by sat phone is vital.

We are looking forward to our next adventure – stay tuned for more stories from the outback!