Breakfast in the desert

GMi has recently returned from another trip to the Little Sandy Desert.

A lot of people ask us how rough the conditions are out there and we can now reveal that whilst on station we live in the lap of luxury!  The Homestead is a small oasis of green, 200km from the sealed roads and 100km from its nearest neighbor.  In summer we sleep under the stars and in winter we all cram into the homestead for warmth.  Temperatures in summer top 46 degrees but in winter we are scraping ice from the cars.



Food is a vital part any trip and we all re-live our college days with a mix of tinned things on toast, BBQs and camp fire cook-ups.  The trip is harder on the vehicles – so far we have speared 2 tyres and got 1 puncture – keeping in touch by sat phone is vital.

We are looking forward to our next adventure – stay tuned for more stories from the outback!