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Aboriginal Health Television Launch (AHTV)

GEO Media interactive (GMi) is proud to have been able to assist in the national launch of the Aboriginal Health Television (AHTV) network last week.

AHTV is the world’s first Indigenous exclusively health-focussed television network and delivers important health messages and culturally relevant content through Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations across Australia.

AHTVs content is developed in partnership with local Aboriginal health services and producers who specialise in Indigenous content to ensure it is culturally relevant and engaging for audiences.

GMi was on hand to record the launch and help get the story out to the media. The story was picked up and reported on by over 20 media outlets here in Australia and overseas. The launch of AHTV was at the South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS) located here in Bunbury, WA.

Find out more about AHTV here:

Find out more about SWAMS here:

If you would like more information on how GMi can help you get your message out to a wider audience drop us a line here.

Clare Bug hunt Department of Environment and Conservation GMi

Bugging DEC’s science team!

Clare Bug hunt Department of Environment and Conservation GMi

The crew at GMi have stayed in touch with the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) scientists working on the Fire Mosaic research project near Walpole in the South West of WA.  Our youngest team member, Carl‘s daughter Clare, was invited to take part in the catching and classification of the bugs and became DEC’s youngest volunteer entomologist.

After spending a few days with the crew of science division Clare can boast finding 6, so far, unclassified species of moth, 1 new beetle and an all new wasp!

GMi joins the Corp

GMi has been working closely with the Water Corporation of Western Australia recently to produce a series of videos for use by their training department. The videos are for a range of internal and external departments and are fully integrated into the Watercorps SCORM workflow. If you would like to know more about how GMi can help you with developing SCORM based, or any other training packages just drop us a line.

Wedding Wishes From the Best Lamb

best lamb2013 has got off to a bang with Mark M getting married.

Mark and his lovely bride Jessica chose Harvey Dam to be the venue and the weather was perfect.  Of course, the bride was looking radiant in a white dress with blue sash and the groom was spotted in a shirt, tie and suit.  Probably the first time Mark has been spotted out with an ironed shirt and we have the photographic proof.  We are sure that his lovely bride will bring many changes to Mark – appearance, tidyness and an ability to listen – all for the better!

master of ceremoniesAnd no GMi wedding event would be complete without and appearance from “Best Lamb” Lamby who watched over the whole event.  Luckily for Lamby, the weather wasn’t roastingly hot or he might have got the chop…

A big congratulations and best wishes from us all to Mark and his beautiful wife.

Happy New Year from GMi

Happy 2013 from everyone here at GMi! 2012 was an interesting year for us which saw new clients, new modes of delivery and new gear, we had some great times in 2012 with our fantastic clients and each other, and we hope to continue this in 2013.

Things we are particularly looking forward to include the projects on Dirk Hartog Island and in our states southern forests, the completion of the project based in the Little Sandy, further uptake of our SCORM based corporate video and training packages (which has seen some fantastic interest of late), more adventures for Lamby and a whole host of projects we cant even talk about yet… But watch this space.

So a massive thank you to all of those who made our 2012 so memorable and here’s to the many new and exciting things that 2013 brings.

Meet the Crew – Lamby

The fifth and final in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GEO Media interactive, today we meet GMi’s Mascot, Lamby.

So just who is that masked lamb, this international lamb of mystery?

Lamby is a  seldom mentioned member of GMi’s away crew, is a part-time camera assistant and 1st AD and full time indie hipster.  Originally employed in 2006 by Carl’s daughter, he was sent with Mark and Carl to make sure that all the work got done during a shoot in the north of the state. Well, he returned safe bringing photos of his work and now accompanies us on all extended shoots.

He is now the most travelled member of the team here at GMi with trips not only around our great state but throughout Europe as well. A regular on the GMi photo wall at our office and now adopted as our filming mascot, look out for him in our photo gallery as he continues his adventures!

Meet the Crew – Mark W

The fourth in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GEO Media interactive, today we meet Mark Whittle, GMi’s resident Mac apologist.

Mark began his career at the Film & Television Institute in 1984 working on corporate projects then moved to Bunbury a year later to join GWN.

Over 14 years valuable experience was gained in the areas of camera, audio, lighting, directing live programs and outside broadcasts, but his favourite is still editing. In 1989, Mark won GWN’s Crew Member of the Year Award and in 1994/95 received a cinematography award (editing & lighting) from the Australasian Retail Results Awards.

Mark started his own business in 2000, handling everything from TV commercials to weddings. In 2009 Mark & Supernova attained accreditation in corporate video with the Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA). In 2010 he decided to specialize in weddings with Supernova Video Production and bring his corporate clients to GMi.

Says Mark, “Working with three staunch Wintel tragics, I have an uphill battle as the solitary Mac user in the facility. They refuse to drool over my shiny MacBook Pro. “

Meet the Crew – Mark M

The third in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GMi, today we meet Mark, GMi’s Cameraman.

Prior to starting here at GMi I studied in Perth at the Western Australian School of Art Design and Media (WASADM) and, when I wasn’t in class, I was spending my spare time working with friends on short films or working as a cameraman for a couple of companies – also in Perth.



I came into the industry at the end of Beta SP and the dawn of digital acquisition, cutting my teeth on DVCAM and DVCPRO broadcast cameras. Picture quality aside one of the things I love about the continuous advance of digital technology is the fact it keeps getting lighter which, if you have ever had to run around with a SP Beta Camera on your shoulder for any length of time, is a great thing! That and battery life – I can shoot for hours now on a single battery. And… well there’s too many things to list why I love our current gen of cameras, and I look forward to what the next gen will bring. Especially in the smaller more mobile cameras like the GoPros.


I have been with GMi now for almost 8 years and have loved every minute of it. I’m looking forward to the next 8 and beyond with the guys and the toys I will get to take with me as I shoot around our great state. Be it underwater, on the ground, in the air, or into space GMi always gives me something unique to film, something to which I am ever thankful to the boys for letting me do – let alone paying me for it.

Meet the Crew – Bruce

The second in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GMi, today we meet Bruce, business owner, financial manager and programmer.

Engineering was where I started, working on engine designs for Ralph Sarich at Orbital engines.  In the course of this I needed to develop computer code to assess the work I was doing and this is when I started programming – the early 1990’s.  I’m still not sure what made me want to start a media business – it seemed like a good idea and a complete change from the engineering I had been doing since university.


GMi keeps me in contact with engineering companies through my work developing business and project management tools and systems.  Running your own business is also very challenging – in our nearly 14 years I have seen GMi grow, survive a GFC and establish a reputation for high quality work and enthusiasm for what it is our clients do.  And, of course, I can play golf regularly to keep in touch with other business owners and managers!

Together we bring a lot of skills to any project we tackle – few other media companies can boast our range capabilities under one roof.

Meet the Crew – Carl

The first in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GMi, today we meet Carl, business owner, production manager and editor.

I was trained in theatre and TV lighting design, and became fascinated with editing after extended work experience at STW9 in Perth. Back in the early ’90s editing was as much a technical skill as a creative one.  Keeping machines in sync, levels correct and work ordered was essential in the days of linear editing. Jobs arrived in boxes – camera tapes, C-Format reels and hand written shotlists with time-code. Making an effect as simple as a dissolve required an edit controller and a room full of fridge sized machines rolling 1″ tape.

Today we take computers for granted and far more complex effects can be produced.  I now drive a non linear editing system running the industry standard Avid Media Composer software.  This has opened the door to more creative possibilities and exploring these techniques is my passion. To be able to restore a project from 5 years ago and pick up where I left it is another fantastic bonus.

GMi has given me the perfect vocation. I get to be creative, play with computers and work in my own business with people who share my passion – I’m very lucky.