Meet the Crew – Carl

The first in our series of stories introducing the crew here at GMi, today we meet Carl, business owner, production manager and editor.

I was trained in theatre and TV lighting design, and became fascinated with editing after extended work experience at STW9 in Perth. Back in the early ’90s editing was as much a technical skill as a creative one.  Keeping machines in sync, levels correct and work ordered was essential in the days of linear editing. Jobs arrived in boxes – camera tapes, C-Format reels and hand written shotlists with time-code. Making an effect as simple as a dissolve required an edit controller and a room full of fridge sized machines rolling 1″ tape.

Today we take computers for granted and far more complex effects can be produced.  I now drive a non linear editing system running the industry standard Avid Media Composer software.  This has opened the door to more creative possibilities and exploring these techniques is my passion. To be able to restore a project from 5 years ago and pick up where I left it is another fantastic bonus.

GMi has given me the perfect vocation. I get to be creative, play with computers and work in my own business with people who share my passion – I’m very lucky.

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